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919-730-7802 [email protected]


  • Our experience with Stephenson Builders was excellent.  My wife and I have said many times since building that if we were going to build again then they would be our builder.  They spent a lot of time with us working on the plan to make sure it was exactly what we were envisioning and also spent a lot of time on the job making sure that the vision came true. They were true to their word every step of the way and if they said it then you could count on it.  Great Experience!

    Jake and Amanda Schachle
  • We knew about about the quality of Stephenson Builders for several years by watching them build in the neighborhood that we lived in.  When we decided to rebuild in a new neighborhood and heard they were on the builder team then the decision was easy.  Several words come to mind after working with them on our new home…..quality, reliability, and honesty.  Our home was built just the way we wanted it and is truly the nicest home we have ever lived in!

    Randy and Linda Marsh
    Willow Spring
  • Stephenson Builders made our building experience a pleasure. The whole process was friendly and smooth. We were very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the work. We highly recommend them!

    Norman and Vicky Holliday
  • If you want a builder that truly cares about the home, is adamant about details, and pursues craftmanship then they are it. They put a lot of site time in to make sure that the job was being done properly and they allowed us the flexibility to customize and make the house our own. Thanks y’all!

    Ken and Sandra Stephenson
    Willow Spring